Cactus Beak Mineral Block for Parrots & Parakeets

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Product Description

Chewable, edible toy packed full of essential minerals, and a great source of calcium.

Cactus Beak Mineral Block for Parrots & Parakeets infused with real fruit flavours for an exceptionally tasty way to consume vital minerals.

This Mineral Block Parrot Toy comes with a quick link so you can attach your bird’s toy near a perch for easy access. Alternatively hang using rope or chain to challenge your bird, as they’ll have to hang on and swing to chew the tasty mineral block.

The plastic chain provides an additional material for your bird to chew, and somewhere to hang on to if you chose to hang the toy.

NOTE: This toy comes in variety of colours and your item may be different from the picture displayed.


  • Total length 15cm (6″)


  • Fruit flavoured manu minerals, wood and bird safe plastic


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
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