BSP Multi Bird Vitamins Drops for Parrots & Pet Birds


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Product Description

Ensure your bird is in top health with this liquid vitamin supplement.

Birds in captivity do not have the chance to forage and chose from a wide variety of food which will provide them with a various nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

BSP Liquid Multi-Vitamin Drops can help by providing a boost of vitamins. A broad spectrum multi-vitamin liquid which is completely water soluble and ideal for those birds which are difficult to give on-food supplements to.

It contains no sugary flavourings which could encourage bacterial growth in the water.


  • Vitamins A (retinyl acetate) – 6,000,000 IU, C-10,000mg, E-8,000IU, D3-1,000,000IU, B1-2000mg, B2 – 4000mg, B6 -1,000mg, biotin 25mg, folic acid 400mg, nicotinic acid 20,000mg
    and pantothenic acid 12,500mg

How to Use

  • Use 1 (one) drop per 200ml of drinking water


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