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A touch sensitive Parrot toy which makes interesting sounds as your Parrot plays.

  • Teach your Parrot words and phrases with this toy
  • Your Parrot can knock the ball to make it play noises
  • Has a long battery life
  • Has a link so you can fasten it onto cages
  • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Lg Conure, Eclectus, Sm Macaw, Meyers, Senegals and Caique

Keep your Parrot, not to mention children and other pets, occupied for hours with a Birdy Babble Ball. This interactive Parrot toy can help teach your bird to talk with an array of words, short phrases and sounds, like “pssst,” “meow,” “squeak, squeak” and many more.

Hang this Birdy Babble Ball in your Parrot’s cage or on their play gym stand using secure fitting pear link provided and watch as the inquisitive nature of your bird takes over.

Your bird has to learn how to activate the sounds, which is achieved by knocking the ball with their beak or against the cage bars, a perch or another object. The tough casing is designed to take whatever your Parrot can throw at it, or even whatever your Parrot throws it at!

The range of sounds helps to retain your bird’s interest and the degree of repetition ensures they hear each sound regularly enough that it helps train them to talk.

The Birdy Babble Ball turns off automatically once your bird has finished playing; prolonging the battery life so your bird can enjoy many hours of fun.

It is no wonder this toy has fast become a favourite with many a Parrot and owner too.


  • Total Lenght 15cm (6″)
  • Diameter 5cm (2″)


  • Acrylic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.2 kg

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