Birdie Basketball Gym Activity Centre for Smaller Parrots (1 in Stock)

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Product Description

Finally…a “real” bird gym, complete with a basketball and hoop!

Spend quality time with your little athlete teaching your Parrot the art of shooting hoops. When a basket is made, a dispenser rewards your Parrot with a treat.

Your reward is priceless interaction with your pet. After shooting a round of hoops, birds can manipulate the agility rings and then pump a little iron for a full birdie workout. You can also hang your bird’s favourite toys from the hoops on the top perch.

This Birdie Gym is great for all small species of birds including Cockatiels and small Conures.


  • Height 33cm (13″)
  • Width 38cm (15″)
  • Depth 25cm (10″)


  • Plastic.


  • Weight: 0.45 kg

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