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Product Description

Restores and refreshes beneficial gut bacteria improving your bird`s resistance.

Used twice a week, this powdered Probiotic which also contains herbal prebiotics, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, helps to ensure a healthy gut flora and helps improve your bird`s resistance to gut infections.


  • 14 different vitamins, 8 “Rapisorb” Minerals, Electrolytes, Allicin Concentrate, Glusose Polymers, L.casei casei – 0.17 billion cfus per gram. E.faecium 0.5 billion cfus per gram. Total bacterial count 0.67 billion cfus per gram

How to Use

  • Multi-strain probiotic: Add 5 grams (just over 1 level teaspoon) to 1 litre of drinking water or mix 5 grams of BioPlus with 500 grams soft food or fruit.

DO NOT use in the same drinking water as Aviclens


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