Beaker Sneaker Foot Parakeet & Parrot Toy

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Product Description

Popular Sneaker shaped chew toy fitted with cage connector.

Now your parrot can have the comfort of one of their favourite foot toys taking up pride of place as one of their favourite hanging chew toys.

The Beaker Sneaker connects to your parrot’s cage using the pear link provided, there are also three hoops (one metal, two plastic) from which you can easily tie on and attach other types of materials for your bird to enjoy – visit our Toy-Making Parts section.

The laces have multicoloured wavy shaped ring beads attached which rattle as your bird plays. They also make for a great game as your parrot sets about trying to untie the laces and remove the rings. 

For even more fun, why not fill the inside of the Beaker Sneaker toy with treats or materials for your bird to find and retrieve?

Please note that colours may vary from the image shown.


  • Total Height 20cm (7.9″)
  • Sneaker Height  5cm (2″)
  • Length 8cm (3.1″)
  • Width 3.5cm (1.4″)


  • Material, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.04 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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