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Product Description

A colourful, interactive toy to tempt even the toughest-to-please parrots!

Keep your bird busy for hours with moving beads, chewable stars and tough strips of leather.

Is your parrot tired of the same old hanging stack toys? Let’s switch things up a little! Introducing the Beads Board Stars parrot toy: a board made of bird-safe chewable wood and filled with all sorts of colourful moving bits and bobs.

All parrot owners are well aware, our birds need a lot of entertainment in order to prevent them from ending up bored and stressed.
They need to be encouraged to use their smart brains to solve puzzles and search for food, plus exhibit natural behaviours like chewing and preening.

This interactive board is meant to offer your bird as many different kinds of play as possible in a single toy.
Whether it prefers chewing, likes moving parts, or enjoys foraging: the Beads Board Parrot Foraging Toy has it all.

All the elements move, and the wooden rings can even be taken out. Fill them with small treats for a fun foraging experience, or untie the leather strips to see if your bird will manage to dislodge the stars.

  • Made with parrot-safe wood and natural dye
  • Interactive, moving elements
  • Encourages chewing, foraging and problem-solving
  • Perfect for medium-sized parrots like Amazons and African greys
  • Easy to attach with secure pear link


  • Board Height 19cm (7.48″)
  • Board Width 12cm (4.72″)
  • Total Length 34cm (13.38″)


  • Wood, Plastic, Leather, Metal


  • Weight: 0.12 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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