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Swing into Fun!

The Beaded Triangle Small Parrots & Budgie Toy is a playful accessory designed to entertain your chirpy companions. It features a blend of bright colours and engaging textures that are perfect for small birds. With its dazzling design, this bird toy is sure to delight your feathered friends.

  • Vibrant Bird Toy: A rainbow of beads for visual excitement.
  • Parrot Toy Perfection: Ideal for small parrots and budgies.
  • Engaging Shapes: A triangle design for curious beaks.
  • Easy to Install: Ready to hang for instant enjoyment.

This parrot toy offers hours of entertainment for your feathered friends, from pecking at colorful beads to swinging on a sturdy triangle. It’s not just a toy but a playground for small and spirited birds, a fun festival for the flittering.

This Parrot Toy is designed specifically for small parrots and budgies. It offers a perfect combination of pecking and playing experience. The beads in the toy are not just for show, they are there to spark your bird’s curiosity and encourage their natural tendency to explore and interact. The toy’s materials are completely safe, so you can relax knowing your birds are having fun without any harm.

Setting up this parrot toy in your bird’s cage is incredibly easy. Its simple design guarantees a hassle-free installation, allowing your birds to start playing with it in no time. The triangular shape of the natural parrot toy offers a fun challenge that keeps your feathered friends mentally and physically active and agile.

Encouraging your birds to climb, peck, and play is essential for their well-being. The Parrot Toy is not just a source of entertainment; it also provides mental stimulation and physical exercise to your bird. This bird toy is packed with features that contribute to a happy and healthy bird, making it an essential part of their daily routine.

The Beaded Triangle Small Parrots & Budgie Toy is a simple and practical choice for keeping your birds engaged. It is a natural parrot toy that brings excitement and energy to your bird’s life, day after day. Give your birds the best; let them swing into fun with this delightful beaded triangle toy.


  • Total Length 25cm (9.8″)
  • Length of Triangle from the Chain 18cm (7.1″)
  • Triangle Length 6cm (2.4″)
  • Triangle Width 7cm (2.8″)


  • Wood, Cotton, Metal


  • Weight: 0.08 kg
  • Best-Price: Best-Price

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