Banana Chew & Forage Parrot Toy – Large

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Product Description

Chewable wood piece in a banana shape with wiffle balls for fun foraging activities.

Wood has been cut into an exciting banana shaped and then coloured in bird safe yellow dye.

Eight lengths of metal chain have been threaded through and wooden beads, slats and soft wiffle balls hang from them.

These offer your Parrot even more wood to chew and material your bird can have fun moving and spinning around.

The toy is large enough for your parrot to climb on and swing around on it, allowing them to exercise as they play.

Fill in the wiffle balls with edible rewards and paper pieces to encourage your Parrot to forage, something they’d spend many hours doing in the wild.

Attached the Banana Chew & Forage Parrot Toy – Large to your bird’s cage using the pear link provided.


  • Total Length (including chain) 65cm (25.59“) (approx.)
  • Toy Length 50cm (19.68″) (approx.)
  • Width 12cm (4.72“)


  • Wood, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.65 kg
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