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Colourful soft balsa wood bird toy.

Arranged like a peacock’s tail, this Small Balsa Peacock Soft Chewable Wood Parrot Toy is a beautiful addition to your small Parrot’s toy box.

  • A chewable wood toy for smaller Parrots
  • Plus, there’s knots to untie and rope for preening with
  • Has a pearlink so you can fasten it onto cages
  • Suitable for Budgie, Lovebird, Cockatiel and Small Conure

From the Super Bird Creations range of fun and safe bird toys, your beaky buddy will find colourful soft balsa wood pieces, separate by colourful plastic beads, all tied together with colourful rope.

Balsa wood is perfect for smaller beaks and Parrots who enjoy a gentler play time, helping them to satisfy their natural urge to chew and shred.

Your feathered friend can enjoy spending their time preening on the rope and untying the knots, occupying their clever mind further.

Use the pear link hanger provided to quickly and securely fasten this Balsa Peacock Parrot Toy to your bird’s cage or play gym stand.


  • Length 15cm (6“)
  • Width 18cm (7“)
  • Depth 3cm (1”)


  • Wood, Plastic, Metal


  • Weight: 0.06 kg
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