Avian Sun Deluxe UV Floor Lamp Stand for Parrots – No Bulb (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

Bring the sun indoors! Brighten up your bird`s life for real.

Fully adjustable, the Avian Sun Deluxe UV Floor Lamp Stand for Parrots – No Bulb is designed so you can maximise the positive effects of the Avian Sun screw fitting Bulb for your Parrot.

The new and improved design now includes an adjustable `gooseneck` feature allowing you to easily position the bulb over your bird`s cage, to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from the correct levels of UVA and UVB when used with the reflector supplied.

Until recently the needs of birds with respect to lighting were not well understood. It is now known that birds benefit from UVA & UVB.

Providing the correct levels of UVB allows birds to synthesise Vitamin D3 in their skin, or through a special process involving the preening gland. Vitamin D3 is essential for proper calcium metabolism. This is necessary for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones and egg production.

Birds have specialised retinas that enable them to see UVA, helping them to recognise mates, locate food, and identify different species. Using lighting that emits UVA can help to curb feather picking and other destructive behaviours.

Without UVA, birds are deprived of the full colour spectrum they see in nature and are colour blind. UVA is essential for the psychological health of your bird. Unlock their world and let your bird see it in full colour!

Built Dimensions

  • Maximum Height 185cm (6ft 1″)
  • Base Diameter 23cm (9″)
  • Goose Neck Length 38cm (15″)
  • Cable Length 53cm (5ft)

Boxed Dimensions

  • Total Length 58cm (23″) 
  • Width 30cm (12”) 
  • Depth 8cm (3″)

Boxed Weight

  • 4.28kg

Please note this product is sold with a fitted, UK standard, 3 pin plug, unfortunately we cannot supply non UK specification products.


  • Weight: 5 kg
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