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Askio Nature – Pure Nourishment, Natural Diet!

Askio Nature’s Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food XSmall is the perfect addition to your parakeet’s diet. This exceptional food blend is tailor-made in Europe for the smallest parrots, providing them with the same care and nutrition as their larger counterparts.

  • Specially Formulated for Small Birds: Ideal for tiny beaks and digestive systems.
  • Made in Europe: Premium quality control with no GMOs, additives, or artificial colourings.
  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: Enhanced with essential vitamins, minerals, and high protein content for vibrant health.
  • Natural Ingredients: A careful selection of cereal seeds, oilseeds, and leguminous seeds for a wholesome diet.

Askio Nature’s Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food XS offers a balanced, high-quality parrot diet designed especially for small parrots & parakeets such as Lovebirds and Monk Parakeets. Each pellet is crafted with care in Europe, ensuring your parrots enjoy food that’s not only nutritious but also free from GMOs, additives, preservatives, and artificial colourings.

The blend is made up of a variety of cereal seeds, oilseeds, oily fruits, and leguminous seeds, all mixed carefully with vegetable oils to provide your pet with the diversity of nature. Fructose is added to provide a natural sweetness that parrots love. Additionally, dried brewer’s yeast, inulin, cassava, and rosemary are included to provide a symphony of flavours and health benefits. This complete parrot food is infused with added vitamins and minerals to support everything from feather condition to overall vitality.

Directions for Use:

  • This Complete Parrot Food is to be served as the main component of your small parrots’ & parakeets’ daily diet during their maintenance phase. Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be offered to diversify their diet but should not exceed 25% of the total food intake. Store in a cool, dry place to ensure the food remains fresh and nutritionally effective.

Daily Intake:

  • The recommended daily intake for your companion birds is between 8% and 10% of their body weight. Adjust this amount based on their activity level and size. Monitoring their intake helps maintain optimal health and ensures they remain in excellent condition.

Askio Nature’s Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food XS is specially designed to provide your x-small parrots with all the nutrition they need to live a full and exuberant life. With this food, you can rest assured that your feathered friends are getting the best possible care.


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