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Askio Nature – Pure Nourishment, Natural Diet!

Askio Nature’s Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food Small – the ideal choice for the well-being of your small parrots. Made in Europe, this food meets the highest quality standards, ensuring your birds get the best nutrition without any GMOs, additives, preservatives, or artificial colourings.

  • Perfect for Small Parrots: Designed with the right pellet size for small parrots.
  • High Standards: Made in Europe for quality assurance.
  • Pure Ingredients: No GMOs, additives, preservatives, or artificial colourings.
  • Enriched Nutrition: Includes essential vitamins and minerals for a full diet.

Askio Nature’s Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food Small is a complete parrot food solution for small parrot species such as Cockatiels, Galah cockatoos, Rosellas, and Sun conures. This complete parrot food is made in Europe, avoiding all GMOs and unnecessary additives to give your parrots a natural and beneficial diet.

The parrot food blend consists of a combination of different types of seeds, including cereal seeds, oilseeds, oily fruits, and leguminous seeds. Nutritious vegetable oils are also added to the food mix. The blend is sweetened naturally with fructose and contains a variety of nutrients, including dried brewer’s yeast, inulin, cassava, and rosemary. It is enriched with additional vitamins and minerals to provide your parrot with a complete and balanced diet.

Directions for Use:

  • This Complete Parrot Food should be given as the primary diet during your small parrots’ maintenance phase. It’s designed for freshness and should be stored in a cool, dry place. Serve it alongside a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to provide a diverse and balanced diet, ensuring these do not exceed 25% of their total food intake.

Daily Intake:

  • The ideal daily intake of Askio Nature’s Natural Blend for small parrots is recommended to be between 8% and 10% of their body weight, with adjustments made according to their activity level and size. It’s essential to monitor their intake, keeping them in prime condition and health.

With Askio Nature’s Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food Small, you’re giving your birds a solid foundation for a healthy life. This food is packed with nutrition to keep your small parrots happy and healthy. Feed them Askio Nature and see the difference in their health and happiness.


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