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Product Description

A lighting system designed especially for small to medium sized birds.

This PureSun Midi Lighting Kit, made by the experts at Arcadia, is perfect for most cages two foot / 60cm wide or more, and comes with everything you need to provide full spectrum UV light for your feathered friend.

It also allows your bird to make their own Vitamin D3. Having optimum levels of Vitamin D3 helps keep your bird in good health. It is essential for proper calcium metabolism, for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones and egg production.

Your parrot has specialised retinas that enable them to see colours in the UV spectrum, helping them to recognise mates, locate food, and identify different species. Without UVA, birds are deprived of the full colour spectrum they see in nature and are colour blind. Unlock their world and let your bird see it in full colour!

UVA is essential for the psychological health of your bird. Using lighting that emits UVA can also help to curb feather picking and other destructive behaviours. It also promotes singing in songbirds.

As always, this high-quality flicker free lamp is guaranteed to be UV potent for 12 whole months, based on usage of up to 12 hours per day.

After 12 months we recommend you replace the bulb.

This kit comes with the 14w ProT5 flicker free fitting with removable reflector, fittings kit, British made acrylic support arm and the PureSun-Midi 14w Arcadia Bird Lamp.

Simply assemble the kit as instructed, bolt the kit to the cage, check that your perch placement is at the correct height and that’s it, your bird can enjoy high quality full-spectrum +UVB energy with all of its associated health benefits.

Note: EU adaptor not supplied.

T5 Fluorescent Lamp
Watt 14W
Length 55.5cm (22″)
UVB 2.4%
UVA 12%
Diameter 16mm
Temperature 7000K
Lumens 858lm

Ultra Violet Index
UVI measurements taken at the very centre of the strongest point using a solar meter 6.5.
Minimum distance from lamp to bird is 200mm/8″.

Height UVI
250mm / 10″ 1.40
300mm / 12″ = 1.00
375mm / 15″ = 0.80
450mm / 18″ = 0.50
550mm / 22″ = 0.30
600mm / 24″ = 0.20

Lamp Safety & Usage

Bird lamps remain UV-B potent (within 40% of total output) for one whole year of use.

This is based on using the correct controller and a maximum 12 hour a day photo period. Health concerns should always be reported to a suitable vet who can access the bird properly.

Do not allow birds long exposure to bird lamps at a distance closer than stipulated by the product.

Humans should remain 12″ or more away from the lamp.

Lamps should be turned off before cage maintenance is carried out.

Bird lamps should not be sprayed with water directly.

To be sure of UV-B potency, replace bird lamps once yearly.


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