Arcadia PureSun Compact Lighting Kit for Pet Parrots and Birds

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Product Description

The easy way to give natural sunlight to your pet parrot.
When proper UV levels are maintained (2.4% UVB and 30% UVA for optimal avian use) it can improve reproduction, flight navigation, homing instincts and appetite.

A compact bird light to ensure your small feathered friend’s health.

Has your veterinarian ever told you that you regularly need to place your parrot’s cage outdoors so it can catch some sun? This is because parrots need UV light to synthesize vitamin D in order to maintain normal calcium regulation.
Normal vitamin D synthesis through UV light is crucial for strong bones, normal growth and healthy egg production in female birds. It’s not always possible or convenient to wheel a parrot cage outside all the time, which is why the experts at Arcadia designed the handy compact PureSun Lighting Kit.

This bird light features a 3U lamp which, unlike traditional pigtail lamp shapes, helps to minimize light waste. To optimize the light further, it also comes with a reflector, which doubles the amount of UV light that actually reaches your bird! Even with the use of the safety grid, this compact light puts out a whopping 1260 lux at a distance of 30 cm.

This UV kit allow your parrot to see the full colour spectrum: unlike us, they are able to see UVA light. In fact, they are colour blind to the colours we see, so without the help of UVA it’s much harder for them to recognize their kin, identify food and more. UV light can enhance your parrot’s psychological wellbeing and even aid in stopping plucking behaviours.

The PureSun Compact Lighting Kit bird light uses 20W and emits the ideal amounts of 2.4% UVB and 30% UVA with a light temperature of 5800K. The light is flicker free. Buy the light, lamp holder and reflector together in this kit and save 27% today.

To install this bird light, just follow the instructions to fix it to the cage at the right distance for your parrot to enjoy all of its benefits. Use the light for around 12 hours a day and change the light bulb every 12 months for perfect quality UV light.

Kit Includes

  • Arcadia Compact Lamp, Holder & Reflector.


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