Pet Store Sold Sick Bird

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An owner of a sick bird, Arlene Weston shares her sad story in a letter published on KeysInfoNet.
She writes about her beloved Boo, an African Grey parrot who was sick throughout his live. Arlene bought her sick parrot from a Keys pet store, without knowing about his condition. The staff from the pet store knew about the sickness, but they failed to let the owner know. Arlene found out the truth when she brought her parrot to a vet.

“I took him to the vet right away; that’s when I found out store staff had taken him to the same vet.”, said Arlene.

When she talked to the store, they apologized and the owner asked her to return the bird until he got better. However, Arlene says that she is glad she did not returned Boo as he never would have gotten better.

“Why would the store staff knowingly sell a sick bird if not just for the money?”
“Boo was born with a birth defect within his sinuses that did not allow him to breathe easily.”

She also shares that her African grey parrot had a runny nose all the time so she had to suction it twice a day. Boo hated it and he even managed sometimes to clean his nose. Arlene says she felt very sad for her feathered friend as he never breathed a normal breath of air.
Boo died at the age of four.
Arlene says that the morning she found him she thought that her hear would break. But in her own retrospect she is glad knowing that Boo was happy and sent his short life in a home where he was much loved.

“Boo will be greatly missed. I love Boo.”

You can read the whole letter here.

Credits: KeysInfoNet.

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