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Pet Parrot

Pet Parrot Quiz by Lafeber

Pet Parrot and Birds quiz to help you choose the right pet for you. Take this quiz by Lafeber.

Lafeber, a popular bird food and bird care resources brand, has made it easier than ever to decide what Pet Parrot or bird is right for you.  Start by taking the quiz here!

Lafeber has broken the quiz down into 5 simple choices. Searching by one, two, or all of the choices, you will be given results as to what bird is most suitable for your wants/needs.

The choices are:

  1. Size – Simple enough. Just choose what size you’d prefer your Parrot or bird to be. (Small, medium, or large)
  2. Lifespan – How long would you like your bird to live? Are you wanting a trusty companion for years to come? Choose between lifespans of 10, 20, 30, or 30+ years.
  3. Colour – Birds and Parrots have an assortment of different colours. With the colour option, you can choose between 10 different colours!  Perhaps you’re looking for a colourful bird? The quiz may steer you in the direction of something like a Lory, Sun Conure or a Macaw!
  4. Sounds – Birds can be quite noisy pets, so how much noise are you wanting from your feathered friend? The choices are chatterer, vocal communicator, whistler or a relatively quiet.
  5. Interaction – Choose what kind of interaction you’d like with your pet bird. Do you want your bird to be very social or hands off?  You may even choose something in between with the “Somewhat Social” option. Once you have completed the quiz, you will have a narrowed down list at the bottom of the quiz, showing your recommendations based on your selected choices. If at any time you’d like to retake the quiz, play around with possibilities, etc, you may click the orange button on the quiz banner that reads, “Find My Bird” and your quiz will restart.

After finding your recommended pet bird, you can click on the bird and find out all the info about each species, like care and personality, the food they eat, and more. If and when you do purchase your pet bird, don’t forget to check out our selection of Lafeber products that are perfect for your new addition to your family.

If you need more tips, info, or advice on choosing a companion for you, check out one of our most recent blog posts with more suggestions for finding the right parrot species.

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