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Teflon pans and parrotsHi, Could you please help……….

I have an African Grey and want to make sure the new pan set i buy is safe. I wont use any non stick or Teflon as I know they are toxic and can kill but do you know if the new aluminium coated saucepans with ceramic interior are safe? Any help would be great. Many Thanks Katie & Rocky x


Hi Katie & Rocky,

My opinion on the subject of parrots in the kitchen whilst cooking a meal is:
Don’t do it – Better be safe than sorry.
There are far too many dangers to mention but I think parrots should not be allowed in the kitchen whilst their owners are busy cooking a meal (I mean hot meal).
It really doesn’t matter how big or well ventilated your kitchen is or what type of cooking pots you use.
Here are a few reasons while I don’t recommend having birds in the kitchen whilst cooking.

Teflon pans & parrots is a big no no.

Teflon poisoning, polytetrafluoroethlyene (PTFE) occurs when the cookware is overheated. Teflon poisoning is silent and deadly to all birds. Humans can also suffer from this type of poisoning.

Cooking oil poisoning

Irrelevant of your cookware all cooking oils will produce toxic fumes and hazardous substances called free radicals. In odition each type of cooking oil can produce some specific toxins based on the ingredients used. These toxic fumes are just as dangerous as teflon poisoning.

Other hazards for your parrots in the kitchen

Teflon and cooking oil poisoningt are not the only dangers to consider when cooking. Your feathered friend can fly into a cooking pot, frying pan or step onto a hot stove. It can can pick up and eat something dangerous and before you know it….
When the meal is ready your parrot can join you at the table, on its stand, or where you like and to stop them from eating your food just served them a healthy mix of their own favourite food.
To mention a few: steamed vegetables, pomegranate, boiled potato, sweet corn, sprouted seeds.

I hope this helps.


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