3 Top Parrot Care Tips

If you’re new to owning a parrot, you need to do your research so you know how best to care for your new pet. Here are three of our most essential tips for keeping your bird happy and well looked after.

Parrot toys

There are a huge number of toys available but some of the best on the market are those made from natural materials like hemp rope and wood. You need to give your parrot lots of toys to play with and chew, so you can also use everyday objects such as old cardboard tubes and boxes. Keep your parrot on its toes by placing big pieces of fruit on the top of the cage so it has to climb to reach them – great exercise for both body and mind.

Parrot food

Feed your parrot at least once a day and give them bits and bobs as and when you like. Invest in a big bag of parrot pellets but supplement this with fresh vegetables and fruit to ensure they maintain a healthy diet. Peanuts are often a favourite treat, as is cooked fish and cheese. Avoid giving them chocolate or avocado, however, as these are poisonous to birds.

Bird cage

Of course, the first thing you should buy is a bird cage so make sure you choose the right one for the kind of parrot you have. Buy one as big as you can afford so your bird has lots of space and cover the bottom with something like wood shavings or shredded newspaper so you can change it easily.

Parrots can be quite sensitive so place the cage somewhere with good ventilation. Avoid putting it in the kitchen as cooking smells can harm the bird.

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