Simple Tips for Parrot Safety During Fireworks

parrot safety during fireworksOur simple tips for parrot safety during fireworks.

Fireworks can present a challenge for pet owners, with them desperately trying to calm and sooth their beloved birds by offering them favourite toys or treats as fireworks thunder in the sky.

That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on keeping your parrot safe and relaxed this November. 

  • Put them in a comfortable place

It’s wise to keep your parrots in a safe, cosy place on Bonfire Night, so they can find comfort there when the fireworks begin.

Make sure you close the curtains to block out flashing lights, unless you find your inquisitive bird prefers to know where the lights are coming from, then it may be worth opening them slightly.

  • Distract them with toys

There may be a lot of noise, bangs and flashes going on outside, but you can distract them from this by giving them some of their favourite toys. You might even want to buy something new to play with to really keep them entertained during the evening.

  • Drown out the noise

Fireworks displays can be very noisy, particularly if you live near to large public events. So it’s wise to drown out the uproar with your own noises.

Turn up the volume on the TV or play some music, especially tunes you know your pet loves and finds soothing.

Fireworks events can be a bit unsettling to your parrot, but if you follow these few tips you should be able to ride through this time of the year without any problems. If you do find your bird to be really distressed by the displays, get in touch with the RSPA for more advice.

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Oddly enough, my parrot and I watch fireworks together. It started 5 years ago (she’s 5) I kept telling her it was fireworks when she heard a loud noise – she would go all tall and thin in surprise. Then, I asked her if she wanted to see them, she made her little approval noise, so, I opened the curtains and invited her to join me. She joined me at the window and we watched the pretty colours in the sky. She didn’t have to stay, she could fly off at any time. We both jumped a bit when there was a loud pop or bang that took us by surprise but she stayed to watch. I think they take their cue from you, if you are calm they are calm. It’s not something I would recommend but it suits us.

    1. Hi Jane,

      We have 5 parrots and they are not scared of the fireworks at all. I think the fact that your little one can fly away if she wanted to helped her get over the light and noise.
      Every bird is different and some will be absolutely petrified of fireworks, no matter what, others will not even blink during fireworks.
      The main thing is for us to do whatever the bird is comfortable with.
      Thank you for the comment.


    1. Hi Sue, thank you for the comment.
      Glad to hear your little friend is not scared of fireworks.
      Sadly this is not always the case.
      Some birds are scared of fireworks, others are not. The same goes for cats, dogs and even children.

  2. Thank you this is our first firework night with our parrot so we will see what he thinks.
    And we are prepared with your tips if he doesn’t like them.

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