Snoop Dogg The Parrot Returns To The Coop

Scoop returns homeA home burglary that saw two parrots stolen has had a happy ending after all, with both birds returning to their parrot perches at long last.

According to the Northern Echo, African grey parrots Snoop Dogg was stolen alongside his friend Missy, but while Missy was returned by a helpful neighbour a few days later, Snoop was still AWOL for a little bit longer.

But now, someone has handed him in anonymously so owner Joanna Mason has been reunited with both of her birds – and not before time.

“We would like to thank everyone who has helped with this incident and to everyone who shared the posts via social media. It is much appreciated,” a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said.

Apparently, the two parrots are famed for their catchphrases, which include “give us a big fat kiss” and “giz a tickle”. They’re also renowned for being able to whistle and sing along to the Match of the Day theme tune.

Sadly, parrots are often targeted by burglars and we’re always reading in the papers about a bird that’s been taken from its family. They’re very valuable and can fetch up to £1,000 so are an obvious target for thieves.

If you do have a bird at home, make sure you do all you can to protect it. Make sure you don’t put the cage by the living room window so that people can’t see it as they walk past. Ring and microchip your pets so that if they are stolen they can be identified, and keep some feathers back to help the police with their investigations.

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