Owner & Parrot Get Stuck In Tree!

A pet parrot managed to get itself stuck in a tree in Lower Saxony late last month (August) – and in going to its rescue, its hapless owner also managed to get herself trapped 65 ft above the ground.

According to the Local, macaw, Diego decided to take a break from munching on on his delicious parrot food to fly around his garden when he thought he’d take a rest in a tree – and then refused to come back down.

His owner Monika tried to tempt him back down but in the end felt she should climb up there to rescue him, getting herself stuck as well… with firefighters later having to come along to get them both down.

“We had to send in the high-up rescue unit. One member of the rescue team climbed the trea, got hold of the bird and supported the woman. We then lowered the bird to the ground in a pouch,” Göttingen Fire Service’s Torsten Kliem said.

If your parrot is lost and stuck up a tree, make sure you don’t use any long sticks, a ladder or a cherry picker to try and get him back down again, and don’t use a hose to shoo him out of the tree as this will only serve to scare him.

Try to get your bird to come down in the morning or in the late afternoon or early evening. If it’s night time, you are unlikely to be successful in your endeavour. If you do decide to climb up the tree, make sure you have a favourite parrot treat with you to tempt them down.

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