Parrot Charlie Stolen From Taxi

Parrot Charlie Stolen From Taxi

Eclectus parrot charlieThe owners of a the Parrot Charlie have set up a Facebook group to facilitate his safe return after he was stolen from the back of a taxi in Islington London this month (September 2015) while out on a trip to visit his parrot girlfriend Ruby.

Owen Harrison is famous in the local area for taking the Soloman Island Eclectus Parrot on various pub trips and the family is now offering a £500 reward for anyone who can help him come back to the fold, OneMK reports.

Speaking to the news source, Mr Harrison said how well known the Parrot Charlie has become in Milton Keynes after going to pubs like The Galleon and The Craufurd Arums.

“I have had him since he was four months old and he’s just got used to being out and about. He’s 22 years old and he’s not the best flyer, he’s a bit lazy,” Mr Harrison remarked.

He went on to say that Ruby has been distraught by the fact that the Parrot Charlie is no longer to be found in his parrot cage, so much so that she’s abandoned her fertile eggs and is calling for him for hours on end.

If you’ve just bought your own parrot and are worried about theft, make sure that your bird is microchipped or can be identified by a close ring.

Should your parrot be stolen, make sure you notify the Parrot Society UK National Theft Register as well as the police. Keep any feathers you may have and store them in a dated envelope to help identify the bird if possible. It might also be wise to have a blood sample taken at the vet for ID purposes.

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