Orange-Bellied Parrot Emergency Rescue Operation

Orange-Bellied ParrotOrange-Bellied Parrot’s population has been declining for years, but this year it has reached its lowest number so far. The Orange-Bellied Parrot is Australia’s most endangered parrot species with only 21 breeding birds left in the wild. Just three female orange-bellied parrots survive in the wild, with 11 males also surviving the winter migration from Victoria to Tasmania.

This week researchers have mobilised in a last-ditch bit to save this parrot species from extinction.

Dr Stojanovic and his team — which has also been working with swift parrot populations — will be flown into Melaleuca on Tuesday to begin intensive intervention to ensure wild nestlings remain as healthy as possible.

A crowd-funding campaign will begin tomorrow in an effort to raise the $60,000 needed to conduct the intervention program. To support the crowd-funding campaign, go to visit the fundraising page


Basic Species Profile
Genus: Neophema | Species: chrysogaster
Size: 22cm (8.6 in)
Weight: 40-50g (1.4-1.75 oz)


Colourization Adult:

Male-bright grass green crown and upper parts; deep blue wide frontal band, bordered above by light blue line; green sides of head, turning to yellow on face and breast; green/yellow abdomen, orange patch in centre; bright yellow undertail coverts and underside of tail; purple/blue outer secondary coverts; deep green central upper tail feathers. Bill grey/black. Eye dark brown. Female-in general duller than male; scattering of dull green feathers on upper parts; frontal band slightly paler; centre of abdomen has less orange; pale underwing stripe sometimes present.

Colourization Juvenile:

In general duller than female, but upper parts quite green; faint blue edging to feathers in frontal area, replacing frontal band; minimal orange on abdomen; pale underwing stripe present. Bill yellow/brown.

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