My Pet Parrot Stories Introduction

Don’t you just want to shout from the rooftops sometimes about how amazing your parrot is? The Parrot Essentials team would like to listen! Our new monthly publication, My Pet Parrot Stories, will be all about your birds, who they are, and their stories. You can read the stories we’ve collected so far in the My Pet Parrot Stories category on our blog.

No parrot is too big or small, too common or rare. Just email us telling us about your bird (don’t forget to enclose a few photos!), and we’ll send you a list of questions so we can get to know your parrot. As a little bonus, if your story is selected, we’ll give you up to £50 Voucher code to spend in the Parrot Essentials webshop. (T&C Apply)

Here’s how it works:

  • Shoot us an email with a quick introduction and some photos of your parrot.
  • We’ll email you back with a list of questions that’ll help us and other readers get to know your bird.
  • You can use the questions to compile your parrot’s story for all the world to read. Please make it 500 words or more and enclose at least two pictures. 
  • We’ll save your pet parrot story, and if it’s selected for publishing, we’ll send you up to £50 gift code.

Please note: We select and publish stories once or twice a month, sending out gift codes upon selection. If we don’t select your story for the upcoming edition, don’t worry. It still has a chance to shine in future editions of our pet parrot story series. The amount for your voucher depends on your story.

T&C: We will send you a gift card of up to £50 for your story if we decide to publish it on our blog. You must provide a minimum of 3 quality images and answer a set of questions about your life with your companion parrot.

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