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Loss of a pet parrot: 6 tips to help you cope

We know the loss of a pet is not the nicest topic, but as much as we wish our parrots were immortal, all good things must eventually come to an…

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About Tweeter’s Parrot Treats Brand

Healthy Tweeter’s Parrot Treats Brand Tweeter’s Treats offers a wide range of tasty, nutritional, delicious and healthy budgie, cockatiel, parakeet and parrot treat for your bird to enjoy. These bird…

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Parrot Brain – What makes them so intelligent?

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Do Parrot Have Social Intelligence?

A recent study shows that Parrots have Social Intelligence too. An experiment carried by Dr Brucks shows that Parrot Have Social Intelligence in addition to their cleverness. During this research,…

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Parrot Essentials Facebook Group

Parrot Essentials Facebook Group

Parrot Essentials Facebook Group New & Exclusive I am very excited to announce the launch of our own Private and Exclusive Parrot Essentials Facebook Group. Private and Exclusive you ask?The…

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  1. Hi my dad’s canary has not been singing for a few months now and we are concerned he may be suffering from air sac mites. He quite often fluffs up when sitting on the perch, and sits with his beak open as if getting as much air into his lungs as possible. We don’t know what weight he is and we have bought some beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On but it says not to use it on birds below 20g, so we are quite concerned about using it on him. We would be grateful for any advice or help you could give us please, and also any other product we can buy that may alleviate or solve the problem.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jayne,

      It is very difficult to put a diagnose without the patient. The best thing you can do is take the canary to a vet. There are a few medications formulated for small birds. Basically you need to know what the problem/illness is before you can treat it.
      There are so many thing that can go wrong.
      Visiting an avian vet would be the best first step to treating your dad’s canary.

      Kind regards,

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