Parrot Zoo has a new name: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Steve Nichols at the newly named Lincolnshire Wildlife Park
Steve Nichols at the newly named Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The world famous Parrot Zoo in Friskney, near Boston is changing its name to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. After carrying a marketing research on social media Steve Nichols and the charity’s patron, TV illusionist Darren Brown discovered that at least 35 women who had influence on the choice of family day out, would not go somewhere that has the word bird in its name. A lot of the women also commented that they have a natural aversion towards flying birds.

The management found this fact very interesting and did an experiment with an advertising campaign on Facebook. The first advert was asking people if they want to come and see the parrots at the zoo and had only 5,000 responses. Then they asked people if they wanted to see the Limas and this ad had around 20,000 hits. Finally the zoo asked people if they wanted to see the tigers and nearly 390,000 people said yes.

The final question was what should be the new name of the Zoo. The most common answer was Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

In the past 12 years the newly named Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has put Friskney on the map and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

Today the park has over 2,000 residents and it is a home to the World’s largest Parrot Sanctuary. The park is also planning to increase the number of Bengal Tigers to 12, which means that it will hold the largest collection of animals in the UK.

The core of the park will remain to be parrots but as the park has evolved and more animals were added, the management has felt that they are not telling the whole story about the park. Parrot are and will remain Parrot Zoo has a new name: Lincolnshire Wildlife Parkne of the core attractions but there is so much more to see and do today at the park.

Source: Lincolnshire Echo

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