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Parrots are vibrant, intelligent birds that require a diet rich in nutrients to thrive. Providing high-quality food is essential to their health and well-being. For over 140 years, Johnston & Jeff has been a trusted name in avian nutrition, delivering top-tier bird food products that ensure the best for your feathered friends. This blog post delves into the history of the company, their mission, and the premium parrot food seed mixes they offer, which are available through Parrot Essentials.

About Johnston & Jeff

Johnston & Jeff was founded in 1880 and has since established itself as a leader in the bird food industry. The company’s enduring commitment to quality and innovation stems from its deep-rooted knowledge of avian nutrition. Over the decades, they have continually evolved, integrating modern techniques and maintaining rigorous standards to ensure their products meet the highest quality.

Mission and Values

Johnston & Jeff’s mission is to provide the best possible nutrition for birds. The company’s values reflect this commitment, focusing on quality, cleanliness, nutrition, knowledge, integrity, and innovation. They source only the finest ingredients, conduct extensive quality checks, and formulate their products to meet the specific dietary needs of various bird species. The company’s dedication to avian welfare extends beyond its products, as it actively supports conservation projects and bird welfare initiatives.

Johnston & Jeff Parrot Food Seed Mixes

Johnston & Jeff’s parrot food seed mixes are renowned for their exceptional quality and purity. To maintain their high purity levels, Johnston & Jeff employs a unique 10-step cleaning process. This meticulous approach removes dust and impurities. It safeguards the health of your birds and ensures they receive the best possible nutrition.

With a purity level of 99.9%, these seed mixes ensure that your parrot consumes only the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients. Furthermore, they are free from additives and cheap fillers. The company uses human food-grade ingredients. This guarantees the highest standards for your bird’s diet.

The brand meticulously sources and tests raw materials, ensuring only the finest ingredients make it into their seed mixes. Each batch undergoes extensive quality checks, maintaining the integrity and nutritional value of the food.

Varieties and Suitability

Johnston & Jeff offers a wide selection of seed mixes. They tailor each mix to meet the specific dietary needs of different parrot species. For example, if your parrot is a Macaw, Cockatoo, or African Grey, there is a blend designed specifically for them. These blends provide a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Here is the complete product range of parrot food seed mixes:

  1. Galah Cockatoo Food (Roseate Cockatoo) Mixture – Designed for Roseate Cockatoos, this mix is packed with a variety of seeds to support their dietary needs.
  2. Johnston & Jeff Expert Budgie Food Seed Mix – A specialised blend for Budgerigars, ensuring balanced nutrition with high-quality ingredients.
  3. Johnston & Jeff Number 1 Parrot Food – A comprehensive mix containing 16 ingredients, suitable for a wide range of parrot species like African Greys and Macaws.
  4. Johnston & Jeff African Grey Parrot Food Low Sunflower – Tailored for African Greys, this low sunflower mix helps manage fat intake while providing essential nutrients.
  5. Johnston & Jeff Low Sunflower Parrot Food for Large Parrots – Suitable for large parrots, this mix reduces sunflower seeds to control fat levels, promoting overall health.
  6. Johnston & Jeff Lean & Fit No Sunflower No Peanut Parrot Food – Ideal for parrots needing a lean diet, free from sunflower seeds and peanuts, focusing on maintaining optimal weight and health.
  7. Johnston & Jeff Cockatiel & Big Parakeet Seed – Specifically formulated for Cockatiels and large Parakeets, offering a balanced diet for these species.
  8. Johnston & Jeff Parrot Food Fruit Mixture – A mix rich in fruits, nuts, and vegetables, providing essential vitamins and minerals for overall parrot health.
  9. Johnston & Jeff Fruit, Nut & Veg Mix – A highly nutritious blend of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, suitable for a variety of parrot species.
  10. Johnston & Jeff Favourite Mixed Canary Seed Food – A premium mix designed specifically for canaries, offering a balanced and nutritious diet.

Behavioural Enrichment

Johnston & Jeff’s meticulously curated seed mixes deliver essential nutrition. They also cater to the behavioural and psychological needs of your parrot. The blends offer a rich tapestry of textures, vibrant colours, and enticing flavours. This variety provides mental stimulation, reducing boredom and encouraging natural foraging behaviours. By addressing the holistic well-being of your parrot, these mixes support both their physical and psychological health. Consequently, they ensure a fulfilling and enriching feeding experience.

Transitioning to the benefits, these seed mixes stand out in quality and nutritional value. The vibrant colours and diverse textures are not just appealing but also vital for mental stimulation. This reduces boredom significantly. Additionally, the enticing flavours encourage natural foraging behaviours. Thus, Johnston & Jeff’s seed mixes provide a comprehensive diet that addresses both the physical and psychological needs of your parrot.

Human Food-Grade Ingredients in Johnston & Jeff Mixes

Johnston & Jeff Human Food-Grade Ingredients

Every aspect of Johnston & Jeff’s production process is geared towards quality. Their stringent quality control measures, from raw material selection to final product packaging, reflect their unwavering commitment to excellence. This dedication ensures that each bag of seed mix meets the highest standards, providing unparalleled nutrition for your parrot.

Using human food-grade ingredients sets Johnston & Jeff apart from many other brands. This ensures every seed mix maintains the highest quality. Each mix remains free from harmful additives and contaminants. Moreover, Johnston & Jeff rigorously select and test ingredients, guaranteeing the use of only the best options. They employ stringent quality checks at every stage. As a result, you can trust that their products provide optimal nutrition for your parrots. This commitment to excellence defines Johnston & Jeff and their approach to avian nutrition.


Johnston & Jeff’s commitment to quality, innovation, and avian welfare makes their parrot food seed mixes the top choice for bird enthusiasts. They provide a balanced and nutritious diet tailored to the specific needs of various parrot species. As a result, Johnston & Jeff ensures that your feathered friends receive the best care possible. You can find these premium seed mixes through Parrot Essentials. They offer both nutritional benefits and behavioural enrichment. Consequently, they contribute to the overall health and happiness of your parrots.

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