Escaped West Ham-Supporting Parrot Returns Home

A parrot famous for singing West Ham’s club anthem ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’ has been returned to its owners following a two-day escape. Sources say the football-mad bird was eventually captured by enticing her with healthy parrot food.

Lucy, a 13-year-old African Grey with a red tail, pulled a disappearing act after flying out of her Cress Way home in Faversham as her owner, Margaret Chalmers, went to work.

Kent Online reported that this was the first time Lucy had ever tried to escape. The parrot, who can sing, recite phone numbers and even answer basic questions, was first spotted on Lower Road shortly after making a break for it.

Lucy then flew to the Mount recreational ground on London Road before finally being reunited with her owners after she ditched the skies to feast on an apple in Market Place yesterday (Thursday 22nd).

Ms Chalmers said: “My husband Al is really happy to have her back at home, and she is already chanting ‘up the Hammers, up the Hammers’.”

The Hammers is West Ham FC’s nickname, and the club’s mascot is Hammerhead, a semi-robotic character that is said to represent the region’s iron-making history and strong will.

According to Ms Chalmers, she and her husband were extremely worried while Lucy was missing. She explained that the bird usually sings “Where’s Margaret?” when at home, but this time the tables had turned.

“We were really missing her. We were asking ‘where’s Lucy’?”

The couple also thanked everyone for their help in retrieving the wayward parrot.

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