Harrison’s Bird Foods – Complete Parrot Pellets & Treats

Harrison's Bird Foods - Complete Parrot Pellets & Treats - Parrot Essentials Brand

Parrot Essentials offers a variety of avian dietary options, including Harrison’s Bird Foods, which are highly recommended. We understand the diverse nutritional requirements of parrots and provide a range of products that meet their intricate dietary needs while maintaining a balance between their health and taste preferences. Our focus is on ensuring that our products cater to parrots’ varied nutritional needs.

About Harrison’s Bird Foods

Harrison’s Bird Foods was conceived in the mid-1980s by Dr. Greg Harrison, an avian specialist from a rural farming community in Iowa. His veterinary path, shaped at Iowa State University, led him to recognise the dire need for improved avian diets during his time at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach. Witnessing the impact of poor diets on exotic birds, Dr. Harrison pioneered the creation of Harrison’s Bird Foods, the world’s first certified organic and non-GMO verified pet bird food.

Together with his wife Linda, Dr. Harrison embarked on a mission to formulate a range of bird foods tailored to the intricate nutritional needs of various bird species. Their relentless research and innovation significantly advanced avian care and nutrition, establishing new standards and reshaping bird-feeding practices worldwide.

Parrot Pellets and Treats

The Harrison’s Bird Foods assortment features an array of parrot pellets and treats, each boasting superior quality and nutritional completeness. These formulas support growth, maintenance, and various health needs. Specifically, the range includes High Potency formulas for birds with special dietary needs and Adult Lifetime formulas for maintenance feeding. Each formulation is adapted to the bird’s size and specific dietary sensitivities, such as the avoidance of certain seeds that can be toxic.

Harrison’s pellets are made from organic, premium ingredients, providing a balanced diet that aligns with a parrot’s natural foraging habits. These include a selection of organic green leafy or yellow vegetables and fruits, which make up 15-20% of the diet, supplying vital phytonutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, 5% of the diet is comprised of organic nuts and seeds high in Omega-3 fats, offering a nutritious complement to the primary pellet diet.

High Potency Formulas

For birds with specific dietary requirements or those transitioning from another diet, Harrison’s offers High Potency formulas. These are suitable for birds of all sizes, from small budgies to large macaws, and cater to conditions such as recovery from illness, breeding, or weaning. The High Potency line features various granule sizes, from coarse to super fine, ensuring that birds receive the right size of food for their species and size.

Adult Lifetime Formulas

After a bird has been on a High Potency formula for at least six months, most can transition to Harrison’s Adult Lifetime maintenance formulas. These support healthy, non-breeding, and non-molting birds, available in various granule sizes to cater to a wide range of species.

Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix

For those who prefer to prepare their own treats at home, Harrison’s offers Bird Bread Mix in original and omega flavours. This can be used as a diet conversion tool, a vehicle for delivering medications, or a comforting warm meal for birds, particularly appealing when caring for chicks.

Specialised Options

Harrison’s offers a Pepper Lifetime Coarse option for birds showing clinical signs of papillomatosis. Additionally, Power Treats cater to birds that need more energy or have issues like dry skin, or brittle beaks and nails. These treats are nutrient-dense, high-energy nuggets. They are rich in carotenoids and antioxidants. Consequently, they serve as a helpful supplement for birds that need additional nutritional support.

The Harrison’s Advantage

Harrison’s Bird Foods stands out due to a strict commitment to organic and non-GMO ingredients. This commitment supports health and environmental sustainability. Additionally, it guarantees that each product meets the unique dietary needs of birds. The brand focuses on improving feather quality, digestive health, and overall vitality. As a result, Harrison’s provides a range notable for its exceptional quality and effectiveness.

Nutritional Insights

Experts carefully craft Harrison’s Bird Foods with a keen understanding of avian nutrition. Each product features a balanced mix of vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients. As a result, parrots enjoy a varied and thorough diet. Additionally, this strategy aims to avert common health issues. Parrots often face problems like feather plucking, obesity, and vitamin shortages due to poor diets.

Moreover, Harrison’s Bird Foods actively engages in ongoing research and development. Consequently, their products consistently lead with the most up-to-date dietary insights. For instance, they regularly update their formulations. They base these adjustments on current research into avian metabolism and nutritional demands. Thus, Harrison’s ensures its offerings not only serve the current needs of parrots but also remain relevant and beneficial into the future.

Harrison's Organic Bird Food Complete Parrot Pellets Range

Furthering Avian Health and Sustainability

Harrison’s Bird Foods also plays a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability. By choosing organic ingredients, the brand reduces the ecological footprint associated with conventional farming practices. This commitment extends beyond the health of individual birds to encompass a broader responsibility towards the planet.

Their stance against GMOs shows a focus on natural, unaltered food sources. Parrots get to eat food that remains as natural as possible. This method improves the birds’ overall well-being. It supports their health holistically.


Harrison’s Bird Foods stands for more than a mere brand. It symbolizes nutritional excellence and a deep commitment to avian health. At Parrot Essentials, we proudly offer this standard of care. Our products ensure the well-being of your feathered friends. When you choose Harrison’s, you select a diet backed by science. It’s nutritionally complete and kind to the environment. We invite you to discover Harrison’s diverse range of Bird Foods. Join us in prioritizing your parrot’s health and happiness.

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