Hagen – High-Quality Parrot Pellets, Food and Bird Seed Mixes

Hagen - High Quality Parrot Pellets, Food and Bird Seed Mixes - Parrot Essentials Brand

Navigating the world of avian nutrition can be as complex and varied as the birds themselves. Hagen is a trusted brand that specialises in bird care. They offer a wide range of food for parrots, including parrot pellets, seed mixes, and bird food. Hagen prioritises the health and satisfaction of pet birds by ensuring that each product supports their well-being with nature’s finest ingredients.

About Hagen Group

Rolf C. Hagen founded the Hagen company in 1955, starting a legacy in specialised pet products. Now, it stands as the world’s largest privately-owned multinational pet product company. In 1982, Hagen expanded into the UK, establishing ROLF C HAGEN (UK) LTD. This branch quickly became a top supplier in the UK. Operating from Castleford, the company innovates and distributes products to a network of pet retailers and wholesalers across the UK and Ireland.

Hagen aims to innovate and craft top-notch pet care products. They deeply respect animals, which fuels their dedication to pet health and joy. At Hagen, avian research is the top priority. The Hagen Avicultural Research Institute, HARI, leads in this field. Here, they break new ground with their studies on birds. Hagen stands out as a trusted name thanks to its pioneering research. This commitment places them at the cutting edge of avian care.

Hagen Parrot Pellets and Bird Seed Mixes

Hagen’s dedication to avian nutrition is most evident in their range of parrot pellets and bird seed mixes. Understanding the complexities of a bird’s dietary requirements is an intricate science, one that Hagen has mastered over the years. Their range is not just food for birds, but a vital component of their health and longevity.

The parrot pellets by Hagen, such as the renowned Tropican line, are crafted to fulfil the nutritional demands of parrots at every stage of life. They contain a balanced blend of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring every parrot gets the right nutrients for growth, maintenance, and reproduction.

Hagen Hari Tropican Parrot Food Range - New Packaging

Moreover, Hagen’s birdseed mixes come together as a tapestry of the best that nature offers. Take Tropimix, for example – a carefully selected mix, not just a random gathering. The team chooses a variety of seeds, grains, fruits, and legumes for their nutritional value and ease of digestion. They craft each mix to encourage birds to forage, which not only satisfies their natural behaviour but also ensures they receive a well-rounded diet.

Each pellet and seed blend showcases Hagen’s expert knowledge of what birds need nutritionally. They meticulously tailor varieties to suit different species, considering the bird’s size, energy requirements, and natural food preferences. Hagen commits to delivering the best, most appropriate nutrition for every bird, from the smallest finch to the most majestic macaw.

Quality and Trust

Every product from this brand is the result of extensive research and a strict commitment to quality. Customers have earned trust in the brand over the course of 55 years through an unwavering dedication to excellence. The standards for product quality are uncompromising and with good reason. Each item must pass through rigorous quality control measures before it can be available on the shelves of pet stores and the homes of bird enthusiasts.

Hagen’s bird foods are the epitome of trustworthiness. They promise pet owners that the health of their beloved birds is in safe hands. It’s not just about meeting needs; it’s about exceeding expectations and delivering a product that ensures the well-being and care of avian companions.

Tropican High Performance Sticks Parrot Food 1.5kg

Tropican High Performance Sticks Parrot Food

Hagen Parrot Food

£13.99 - £56.99


Sustainability and Innovation

Hagen’s commitment exceeds quality; it supports sustainability and innovation. The brand continuously channels resources into research and development, driving them to the forefront of the pet care industry. This investment reflects more than financial input; it represents a deep-seated passion for pioneering new solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of pets and their caregivers.

Transitioning from concept to completion, the brand’s strategic approach remains firmly rooted in research and a commitment to enhance pet welfare. For example, Hagen Industries has evolved from its humble beginnings, making wire cages in 1974, to now feature a cutting-edge Liquids Division. This progression underscores Hagen’s growth and relentless pursuit of innovation.

HARI and Avicultural Excellence

The Hagen Avicultural Research Institute showcases the brand’s strong dedication to bird care. They house more than 400 pairs of parrots. This makes it a rich source of insights that influence all of Hagen’s bird food recipes. The institute shines with a clear focus on bird health. Active research constantly improves the quality of bird diets, treats, and supplements. Moreover, the institute is key to guaranteeing that Hagen’s products hit top marks in quality and nutrition for birds.


Hagen offers bird food, parrot pellets, and seed mixes that provide quality, compassion, and innovation for caretakers and bird enthusiasts. Hagen is more than just a brand. They are a partner in the journey of pet care. Every seed mix and pellet represents the brand’s commitment to ensuring the health, happiness, and satisfaction of birds and their caretakers. The Hagen Group’s dedication and pioneering spirit have set the standard for excellence in pet care, creating a healthier, more joyful world for pets.

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