Go Blue for Blue Throated Macaws!

Go Blue for Blue Throated Macaws!

Are you really into parrots? Enough to dye your hair blue? I hope so because I have started a campaign to raise funding and awareness for Blue Throated Macaw conservation.

Yes I dyed my hair blue and challenge you to do the same. You don’t need to dye a lot and it can be temporary dye or semi-permanent (I recommend Ion Sky Blue) This semi-permanent colour comes out very bright if you lighten the section you want to dye first.

The idea is that by dying your hair blue you have a nice conversation starter. Tell people you dyed your hair to raise awareness for the plight of Blue Throated Macaws. There are less than 300 left in the wild in Bolivia.

If you choose not to dye your hair, that is OK. Just make a donation to The Bird Endowment. A non profit that is working hard to save Blue Throated  Macaws in the wild. You can make a donation at www.BirdEndowment.org.

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