How to prepare Fresh Parrot Food as recommended by Parrot Essentials

How to make our Fresh Parrot Food from sprouts

fresh parrot foodMany people have asked us how we prepare our fresh parrot food, so we decided to put it on the web for everyone to read and use. We hope you like it.

The measures below are for one large parrot such as an Amazon or African Grey and should last for three to four days. For smaller parrots such as conures, you may want to halve the proportions and for larger parrots such as macaws or large cockatoos, you may want to double them.



  1. Soak 50g of Tidymix Pulse & Rice soaking mix for at least 6 hours.
  2. Drain and rinse the mix well.
  3. Spread the mix evenly on a tray. You can use any tray as long as the seeds don’t dry out but for the best result, you should use a seed sprouter.
  4. Keep the seeds in the seed sprouter for 24 hours and rinse them 2 – 3 times during this period to keep them moist.
  5. Put the sprouted seeds in a plastic container (that has a secure lid).
  6. Boil 50gr of brown rice and let it cool (we add the dried chillies from the Tidymix seeds to the rice while boiling)
  7. Mix the rice and sprouted seeds together.
  8. Chop the fruit and vegetables into small pieces and add them to the mix (They should be the same size as the rice grains when chopped).
  9. Mix all well and keep refrigerated.
  10. If not used by day four discard any leftovers.
  11. Start preparing a new batch two or three days after the first batch.
  12. It is as simple as that to prepare your fresh parrot food and we hope your parrots will enjoy it as much as ours.


  • Never make drastic changes to your bird’s diet, especially if the bird is not used to eating fresh parrot food.
  • If your birds are unwell or on medication always consult your avian vet before changing its diet.
  • If you have been advised by your avian vet to keep a specific diet please stick to it.
  • Our fresh parrot food is not a solution to any medical problem but it will certainly assist in providing your bird with its daily quota of fresh fruit and veg.
  • Never keep this fresh parrot mix for more than four days.
  • Always consult an avian vet if the bird displays any unusual signs.

You can find a list of vets on our website but our preferred vet is Neil Forbes from Great Western Referrals.

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