Exotic Pet Insurance – Why is it important to have one?

Exotic Pet InsuranceIf you own a parrot, or are thinking of owning one; the first thing you need to realize is, that it’s one of the most sentimental human – animal companionships in the world. This blog post aims to explore why this is the case, and why it’s extremely important, that you take the sufficient steps towards effective parrot care.

They will talk to you, feel you, and know you…

Well-known for their high degree of intelligence, and their phenomenal ability to communicate with humans; the high demand for parrots can be attributed to the human – animal connection, being one of the most sought after bonds world-wide. With the Congo African Grey being the most popular compared to its Timneh Grey cousin, the world of parrots is diverse and beautiful, consisting of; Amazon’s, Budgie’s, Caique’s, Cockatoo’s, Macaw’s and more.

The idea of an animal with the ability to ‘talk’ to humans is essentially what is most attractive about owning a Parrot. However, parrots – in particular the African Grey’s- are extremely sensitive animals, requiring a degree of attention that can be likened to caring for a young child. Requiring at least three hours of interaction per day. In most cases parrots will form a very special bond with their companion family (human guardians).

The bond you have with your parrot is a result of mutual empathy, but more specifically their ability to know you beyond your actual words, to the point of experiencing your emotion to such an extent that when you’re sad, they will most likely be sad too. We strongly advise not purchasing a parrot for the sake of ‘conversation’, because it is indeed a relationship that requires a uniquely attentive bond.

Exotic Pet Insurance: surely you understand by now!

Besides their emotional vulnerabilities, Teflon Products such as kitchen pans, other household accessories, and beauty tools are extremely toxic to parrots. Once these products are used their particles become airborne and are deadly to your feathered friend. On top of this maintaining a healthy balanced diet of mixed feed, fruit, vegetables, and protein, in conjunction with a minimum of two hours exercise outside of the cage each day is essential to effective care. Should your parrot become ill, the costs of treatment can increase exponentially forcing you to make some difficult financial choices, as well as additional emotional stress.

Given that parrots can live well past the age of 50, as well as a growing number of illness related deaths such as hypocalcaemia and air sacculitis; taking out insurance is an option that can help owners manage the costs of looking after their parrots should they become ill.

ExoticDirect offer insurance for a wide range of parrots including African Greys, Macaws, Amazons and more. They also cover smaller birds including cockatiels, parakeets and more. They have been established since 1996, follow the below URL and receive an incredible 10% on whatever package you require:


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