Casozen® – A Natural Stress Reliever for Pet Birds

Casozen® is a natural, bird-safe supplement that’s transforming the way we ease stress in pet birds and parrots. Formulated from all-natural ingredients and targeting the GABA A receptor for a gentle calming effect, it provides a safe and effective solution for pet birds to flourish emotionally and physically.

Casozen® - A Natural Stress Reliever for Birds

Stress in Pet Birds and Parrots

Physical stress in pet birds and parrots can originate from various sources. Environmental factors like insufficient living conditions, nutritional deficiencies due to a poor diet, physical trauma, illness, and the strains of overbreeding are common causes. This stress manifests in several ways, such as feather plucking, behavioural changes (including aggression or lethargy), appetite fluctuations, and physical signs like weight loss or poor feather condition.

What is Casozen®?

Casozen Stress Relieve in Parrots and  Pet Birds

Casozen® offers a 100% natural nutraceutical solution to reduce stress and enhance calmness in pet birds. Formulators created it to combat stress-related behaviours in birds, like feather picking and self-mutilation. Casozen® actively targets the GABA A receptor, known for its anxiety-reducing, anxiolytic-like effects. Its mode of action mirrors that of benzodiazepines, renowned for their calming properties, yet Casozen® achieves this without the usual side effects linked to these pharmaceuticals.

The product is intended for use in various stressful situations for birds. It comes in a powder form that is diluted in water and provided to birds to drink. Customer testimonials suggest that Casozen® has been effective in birds, with improvements seen usually within 3 to 4 weeks. However, it’s also advised that Casozen® should not replace professional veterinary care, and its effectiveness can vary between individual birds.

Customer Experiences with Casozen®

The journey to reducing stress in parrots has been met with success, as reported by bird owners using Casozen®. These testimonials highlight the substantial benefits observed in the behaviour and plumage of their parrots, attributing this positive change to the natural calming properties of Casozen®.

Mile’s Transformation

Casozen® - A Natural Stress Reliever for Birds: Millie's Transformation

K. Pothiou, a parrot lover, shared their satisfaction with Casozen®, “Since using Casozen®, Mile’s feathers have grown back, and he seems so much happier and calmer!” This feedback came after they decided to combine Casozen® with a diet change to pellets and vitamins, observing a noticeable positive effect within just three weeks. This indicates not only a physical recovery from the stress-related feather plucking but also an improved overall demeanour in the parrot.

Raya’s Road to Recovery


Mark S. was initially doubtful about the product’s promises. However, he reports, “The results are undeniable. Casozen® has brought some of Raya’s feathers back.” This outcome occurred without any changes to the diet, demonstrating that Casozen® can actively aid in a stressed parrot’s recovery. The visual difference after 3 months is a testament to the product’s potential in managing avian stress.

These stories from genuine users highlight Casozen® as a natural and effective option for pet owners tackling the common yet distressing issue of stress in parrots. People applaud its broad application for both preventive and curative use and as an aid in therapy for long-term stress exposure. With reported outcomes in as little as three to four weeks, it’s becoming the first choice for many seeking a natural approach to enhance the well-being of their feathered companions.

When to Use Casozen®

Casozen® shines in its versatility, providing support across a spectrum of situations that may cause your feathered companions discomfort. For proactive care, administer Casozen® before potentially stressful events such as veterinary appointments, relocations, or noisy celebrations like fireworks. It also serves as an effective supplement for ongoing stress-induced behaviours, notably feather plucking. Casozen® is equally proficient at offering relief during momentary stressful episodes or as a cornerstone in the sustained well-being regime of your pet bird, providing a natural and potent help to ensure their tranquillity.

How to Use Casozen®

Administering Casozen® is both simple and fast. Begin by carefully opening a single capsule and dissolving the powder into 200ml of fresh water. Present this solution to your bird in their drinking dish, ensuring it’s accessible throughout the day. Casozen® is universally compatible, catering to a diverse range of avian species, from the delicate Lovebird to the majestic Macaw. Rest assured, the formulation is safe even if your bird drinks more than anticipated, eliminating concerns about overdosing. To guarantee optimal results, it’s essential to stick to the following instructions:

  • Never give the powder directly to the bird.
  • Do not spray the bird with the solution.
  • Prepare a fresh solution daily, and do not use it for more than one day.
  • Do not dilute in more than 200ml of water.
  • To increase strength, dilute one capsule in 100ml of water.


Casozen® stands out as a first-choice solution for bird owners seeking a natural way to manage stress and behavioural issues in their pets. Its natural composition, targeted action on the GABA A receptor, and proven effectiveness make it a safe and reliable option. While it’s not a replacement for professional veterinary care, and results may vary, Casozen® offers a promising approach to improving the well-being of pet birds.

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