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Bucktons Parrot and Bird food

The Bucktons brand was founded in 1918 when George Buckton started a general merchants company. The company slowly started their nutritional journey and 200 years later, they became a well-known and loved parrot & bird feed supplier.

The Hutchinson family became the new owners of Bucktons and 40+ years later, in the 1960’s, they decided that it is time to jump head first into the pet industry. More specifically, they wanted to focus on quality seed mixes for parrots & birds. After the decision to focus on birds and seeds, Bucktons began to build relationships with suppliers and work on perfecting their products.

In 1995 Cranswick Pet Products took over from Hutchinson and continued to grow and improve the quality of the products offer, but kept the well established brand name.

In 2012, the brand was sold to Westland Horticulture. Since then, Westland has focused on growing the Bucktons brand, working for change, all while remembering their core principles, and maintaining their passion for producing delicious seed mixes for birds.

Bucktons Parrot and Bird Seed food

Food and Ingredients
Parrot Essentials is proud to carry many seed mixes, pellets, and formulas for both indoor parrots and wild birds. Here are just a few of our favorites:

No. 1 Parrot Food is suitable for multiple species of parrot. This food is formulated with an excellent mix of over 15 ingredients. Included in this list of ingredients are yellow biscuits, dried fruits, nuts, and more. These ingredients ensure your bird stays healthy and happy. We have 12.75kg bags ready for your feathered friend.

Elite Parrot Food is a seed mix focusing on lowering sunflower content of the mix. By lowering sunflower content, Bucktons is providing your bird with optimum nutrition. Along with low sunflower, the Elite Parrot Food is filled with a variety of over 20 of the highest quality ingredients. Ingredients like; pineapple, hempseed, flaked peas, and more! Parrot Essentials has Bucktons Elite Parrot Food in 12.75kg bags!

Cockatiel & Lovebird Mix is a mix specifically made for your Cockatiel or Lovebird. This formula is easy to digest and contains high oil. These small, high-quality seeds and ingredients, will ensure your bird is feeling and looking great! Bucktons Cockatiel & Lovebird mix is ready to be shipped to your parrot in 20kg bags.

Bucktons has many other food options. Just recently, in 2015 to be exact, Bucktons introduced a new range of food containing Spiralife. Spiralife is found exclusively in Bucktons brand food and contains lots of important nutrients and vitamins to enhance plumage, aid your bird’s immune and digestive systems, and help maintain your bird’s eyesight.

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