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Brown’s Parrot & Bird Treats Brand by Parrot Essentials

Parrot enthusiasts looking for high-quality nutrition and care for their pets can turn to Brown’s Pet and Wild Bird Products. This brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern nutritional science to offer a range of products. In this detailed exploration, we’ll take a closer look at the brand’s history, its mission to promote avian health, and the specific benefits of Brown’s Tasty Parrot Treats, which are available at Parrot Essentials.

About Brown’s Pet and Wild Bird Products

The story of Brown’s begins in the 19th century with the purchase of a grist mill by George Brown. The mill’s historical significance extends beyond its architecture, marking the starting point of a mission that has lasted over 150 years – to provide quality nutrition to animal feed and, now, to birds.

Brown’s Pet and Wild Bird Products is a company that places a high priority on the well-being of pets and wild birds. Their mission is simple: provide quality, safe, and nutritious food that promotes bird health. Brown’s Pet and Wild Bird Products maintains a strong commitment to these goals by responsibly sourcing their products, promoting sustainability, and continuously innovating their product offerings.

You can see Brown’s dedication to innovation in their ongoing efforts to enhance and refine their products. They have introduced a proprietary five-stage cleaning process that underscores their commitment to quality, ensuring that every product that reaches the consumer is pure and beneficial for their pets.

Brown’s Tasty Parrot & Bird Treats

These gourmet treats are a perfect snack for birds of all sizes with exceptional beaks. They are excellent for maintaining beak health and are interactive, making them a fun way to reward your pets during training or just because you love them. Our treats include wholesome ingredients and are rich in flavours and textures that your bird will love to eat. They are nutritious, fun to eat and help prevent cage boredom.

At Parrot Essentials, customers can find a diverse range of Brown’s Parrot Essentials. The offerings include:

  • Baked Fruit and Veggie Bites: Ideal for parrots that enjoy a varied diet, these treats are baked, not fried, to preserve nutritional value.
  • Crunchy Crispy Sticks: Designed for beak health and to provide mental stimulation, these sticks offer a crunchy texture that parrots love.
  • Jungle Fruit Jems: Infused with tropical flavours, these treats offer a taste of the exotic, contributing to a diverse diet.
  • Mini Corn on the Cob: This product encourages natural foraging behaviours and provides essential nutrients.
  • Natural Oat Sprays: A natural form of nutrition that mimics the bird’s foraging in the wild, supporting instinctual behaviour.
  • Orange Slices Treats: Rich in vitamin C, these treats add a tangy flavour to a parrot’s diet, promoting immune health.

Each product is formulated based on nutritional science to ensure the well-being of parrots. Brown’s recognizes the unique dietary needs of various parrot species. Their treats aim to meet these specific requirements. Each treat provides a balanced mix of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

Feeding Guide

The treats can be used as part of the main diet. Also, it provides enrichment through foraging opportunities and serves as a reward during training. They are designed to be not only enjoyable for the parrot but also beneficial, supporting both physical health and mental acuity.

It is important to remember that treats should only make up about 10-15% of your parrot’s total daily food intake. This helps to avoid any nutritional imbalances. Whenever you introduce new treats to your parrot’s diet, make sure that there is always fresh water available. Also, monitor your parrot’s response to new treats, such as any digestive changes or behavioural alterations. If necessary, adjust accordingly.


Brown’s Parrot Treats, available at Parrot Essentials, represents a combination of the brand’s historical dedication to quality and the latest in avian nutrition research. These treats also reflect the latest findings in avian nutrition research. Parrot owners can trust these products to offer a carefully considered diet for their pets. They ensure a diverse and balanced nutritional profile. The treats also cater to the instinctual activities of intelligent parrots. By opting for Brown’s products at Parrot Essentials, customers choose treats that support their parrots’ health and lifespan.

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