Brevard Zoo Sad To Announce Death of African Grey Parrot ‘Rocky’

The African grey parrot passed away while under anaesthesia.

rocky african grey parrot announced that last month during a routine exam Rocky, the African grey parrot from Brevard Zoo in Florida, passed away while under anaesthesia.

A necropsy has been performed in order to determine what caused the death. The Zoo said that Rocky was with them since 1994, however they don’t know his exact age.

For more than 20 years he has been greeting employees and guests. Rocky was adored by staff and volunteers at the Zoo.

Brevard Zoo posted on their official FaceBook page: “We will miss her dance moves, waves, high fives and whistles, as well as her impersonations of hawks and fire drills!”


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  1. So sorry to hear..My own gray, we had him for 22+years died of rare form of lung cancer that matasicised in the upper two heart chambers..this was 6 months to the day that one of the spaghetti light bulbs that are supposed to be so wonderful cracked..we could smell it but by the time we figured out where it was safe to move the cage the bulb flashed and died..on examination could see the blackened crack on the bulb base..that was Mercury we were smelling! We still miss our feathered bird boy! We replaced all of those **^*^##light bulbs!

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