Blue Fronted Amazon – Profile & Care Guide

Common name: Blue fronted Amazon
Latin name: Amazona aestiva
Length: 36cm / 14.5 inches
Weight: 400 – 500 grams
Life Span: up to 50 years
Origin: South Eastern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Northern Argentina
Noise Level: High – Loud!

Blue Fronted Amazon     Blue Fronted Amazon     Blue Fronted Amazon


These Amazons are fairly intelligent and love being the centre of attention. They need lots of affection and time with their owners and seem to enjoy entertaining their owners with their clownish antics. They can also be somewhat moody and can thus become fairly aggressive if not trained and handled properly from a younger age.

Talking ability

Good, towards excellent!

Feather Plucking

This is not common in these Amazons. They do however still require a fair amount of mental stimulation.

Housing for your Blue fronted Amazon

  • The cage that you purchase must be as large as possible.
  • As a rule the cage size should be a minimum of 48″ x 30″ x 30″
  • The cage should be situated in a part of the house where the bird will have a reasonable amount of contact with people.
  • They should be allowed a minimum of 3 – 4 hours out of cage time per day.

Feeding Blue fronted Amazon

  • Provide a balanced diet; offer a wide variety of fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables, in addition to a staple pellet diet.
  • Amazons can also become bored when being stuck with the same food day after day, so it’s crucial to vary their diet regularly.
  • Make sure to watch portions and avoid high-fat foods as Amazons have a tendency toward obesity.
  • Fresh clean water should be available at all times. Food and water dishes should be washed daily.

In summarising, Amazons are highly resilient birds and are one of the least prone of all the parrot species to developing neurotic behaviours. They do make ideal pets but are not recommend for first time parrot owners.

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