Houdini Museum Parrot Escapes From Cage

The parrot at The Harry Houdini Museum might need more bird toys to keep her entertained after she pulled a disappearing act and escaped out of her cage this weekend.

Hocus Pocus managed to open her cage and fly away from her owner’s car window on Sunday (September 20th) in Scranton, Pennsylvania, local news station WNEP reported.

This shows she has skills very much like the escape artist Harry Houdini.

Dorothy Dietrich, who owns the parrot, runs the museum and is an escapologist herself, said Hocus Pocus certainly has the personality of Houdini in her.

“Every day when she’s here, she hears all the stories and how Houdini escaped, so who knows?” the news station reported Ms Dietrich’s partner Dick Brookz as saying.

Hocus Pocus was returned to her owners after neighbour Amanda Nowalk spotted her and recognised the missing pet from an advert the couple had posted online.

She phoned the museum to tell them she had found Hocus Pocus and reunited the colourful bird with its owners.

Houdini was an illusionist who was famous for getting himself out of near impossible situations. These include the Chinese water torture cell where his feet were locked in stocks and he was lowered into a tank full of water upside down, and being buried alive six feet deep in the ground.

It remains to be seen whether Hocus Pocus can perform escapologist tricks as well as Houdini, but people who visit the museum from all over the world will be able to meet the parrot, now famous for her break out of the cage.

Visitors to the exhibition centre can enjoy a guided tour, a 55-minute stage magic show and a movie. They can also find out about Houdini’s interesting life and take a look at real memorabilia.

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