Paintings By Parrot ‘Artist’ Go Up For Sale

A great selection of bird toys is enough to keep most parrots entertained and stimulated, but there’s one bird at the Oakland Zoo in California that’s demonstrated more artistic tendencies.

However, it’s not so much a case of an up and coming avian artist as much as it is a great fundraising initiative by the zoo, auctioning paintings created by many of its residents. Brock the yellow-naped Amazon parrot is one such painter, whose works are currently on sale on online auction site eBay.

The staff at Oakland Zoo facilitated the painting by letting the animals tread in coloured paint before striking some artistic moves on a blank canvas, and Brock is the only animal currently under offer who made not one, but two paintings. All the animals involved were in no way coerced, according to the zoo’s official page, all being encouraged to take part using positive reinforcement techniques.

It is part of the zoo’s annual Animal Art Show, which is in its second year, which looks to create unique art works to raise money for the zoo’s conservation programmes. The auctions launched on 10th September, ending on the 20th September – so keep an eye on the proceedings to see how these do, or even bid if you fancy being a parrot artwork owner!

Brock was rescued while being illegally smuggled into the USA from his home in South America and as a yellow-naped Amazon parrot he’s not only a popular and sought-after pet, but an endangered species in the wild thanks to smugglers. This species is particularly known for being highly intelligent, funny birds that make strong bonds with their owners.

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