Seagulls Attack Pet Parrot

If you let your parrots out of their bird cages so they can fly free or accompany you on trips around and about outside, you should be aware that there are many dangers that could threaten your pet – and seagulls seem to be a real problem in some areas.

According to the Daily Mirror, Christine Yule and Joe Chalmers’ parrot Oscar was attacked by a flock of seagulls outside his home in Dundee and sadly killed after he managed to escape from his cage, which Ms Yule had placed outside so he could enjoy some sunshine.

“A few days later, we got a call to say someone had found him near the building, but that unfortunately he was dead. They had seen a load of seagulls swooping down and attacking a bird, which turned out to be Oscar,” she was quoted as saying.

Ms Yule went on to state that she’s now been warning others in the area to keep a watchful eye over their pets to ensure similar accidents don’t happen.

This isn’t the first time that seagulls have hit headlines because of viciously attacking other animals. In August, a cat in Prestatyn was injured by the birds and left with a cut on his head, while in July a Yorkshire Terrier called Roo was attacked and killed by a seagull in St Columb Minor just outside Newquay in Cornwall.

People who live in coastal towns and cities should make sure they know where their animals are if possible and are ready to protect them if there are seagulls around

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