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The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic is a veterinary service provider specialising in caring for exotic pets, particularly birds. Based in the Ashleigh Veterinary Centre in Chorlton, the clinic has established itself as a leader in avian and exotic pet healthcare. Parrot Essentials explores the clinic’s values, services, and dedication to avian medicine in this article.

About Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic – Ashleigh Veterinary Centre

The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic, established within the Ashleigh Veterinary Centre, has been providing specialised care for birds and exotic animals for over 30 years. This clinic, based at the Chorlton Ashleigh Veterinary Centre branch, leverages the Centre’s facilities and staff expertise to offer high-quality care for these unique animals. It is noteworthy for its integration of specialised equipment and skills, particularly in the field of avian and exotic animal medicine.

Ashleigh Veterinary Centre has been active for over 60 years and has a longstanding history of caring for family pets. This Centre offers services at both its Chorlton and Sale branches, with the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic being a significant part of its operations in Chorlton. The collaboration between the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic and Ashleigh Veterinary Centre facilitates a comprehensive approach to veterinary care, combining general pet care expertise with specialised knowledge in treating exotic and avian species.

Key figures at the clinic include specialist exotic veterinary surgeons Aidan Raftery, Lianne Foxall, and Filipe Martinho. They are highly committed to delivering top-tier medical and surgical care and place a strong emphasis on using the latest advancements in the field, ensuring that pets receive the most up-to-date treatments and advice.

Diagnostic Services

The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic provides comprehensive care for parrots, with an emphasis on minimising stress during transportation and thorough clinical examinations. When transporting parrots, the choice of container and the bird’s comfort are crucial. The ideal transport container should be escape-proof, made of materials hard for the bird to destroy, and have a large opening for easy access to the bird. Good ventilation is essential to avoid overheating, especially in warm weather. Additionally, providing visual security for the bird, a perch or grip for stability, and spill-proof food and water containers are essential. The size of the container should also be considered to prevent damage to tail feathers.

During clinical examinations, the process begins with collecting the bird’s history, including diet, environment, and contacts. Observing the bird’s behaviour, mental status, and respiratory rate before handling provides vital information. A veterinary surgeon experienced with different parrot species should conduct the clinical examination, as birds cannot verbalise their symptoms.

For parrots needing hospitalisation, the clinic emphasises the importance of a stress-free environment away from potential predators. The hospitalisation facilities should offer controlled lighting for visual comfort, along with other critical care features like oxygen availability and the ability to control temperature and humidity.

Preventative health care is also a vital aspect of the clinic’s services. The clinic emphasises the importance of post-purchase health examinations for parrots. Additionally, they recommend annual check-ups. These check-ups play a critical role in the early detection of illnesses. They also provide an opportunity for discussions about diet and care. Furthermore, the clinic highlights training as a crucial aspect of a parrot’s well-being. Well-trained birds generally enjoy better health. They also tend to bring more satisfaction to their owners.


The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic takes a thorough approach to avian care, particularly for parrots. Importantly, they focus on both the physical and psychological needs of these birds. Their services aim to ensure the long-term health and happiness of parrots. These birds are well-known for their long lifespans and companionship. Additionally, for those interested in their services, you can easily make bookings. Simply contact the clinic’s reception during their operating hours. Furthermore, this level of accessibility and dedication positions the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic as a reliable choice. It’s an ideal option for pet owners who seek expert care for their exotic and avian pets.

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Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic
221 Upper Chorlton Road
M16 0DE
T: 0161 881 6868
W: www.vets4exotics.com

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