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Parrot lovers and caretakers are always in search of the best diet for their feathered friends. In this blog post, we’ll talk about Askio Nature, a parrot food brand that stands out for its natural, nutritious offerings. With a focus on quality and bird-specific needs, they offer a diverse range of products to suit every parrot type.

About Askio Nature

Askio Nature is a parrot food brand that has gained significant popularity among parrot owners for its dedication to providing high-quality, natural, and nutritious parrot food for all types of pet birds. Their approach to avian nutrition focuses on creating a healthy and balanced diet free from GMOs, toxins, and cholesterol. This commitment to quality ingredients is apparent across their entire range of parrot foods, catering to the diverse needs of different parrot species, from small parakeets to large parrots like African Greys, Cockatoos, Amazons, and Macaws.

In the composition of their foods, Askio Nature focuses on the use of natural ingredients. They incorporate a blend of cereal seeds, oilseeds, and leguminous seeds selected for their natural nutritional content. The inclusion of vegetable oils, fructose, and dried brewer’s yeast in the mix provides a low-fat, high-protein diet that is easy to digest and helps keep the birds healthy. The presence of inulin, cassava, and rosemary adds to the health benefits of Askio Nature, particularly for the digestive system of parrots. The complete parrot food includes all necessary vitamins and minerals, ensuring parrots get all essential nutrients in one meal.

Askio Nature exemplifies its commitment to excellence and pet health with rigorous manufacturing processes in Europe, where all ingredients are locally sourced and certified to be of human-grade quality. This adherence to using natural, high-quality ingredients has established Askio Nature as a preferred choice among parrot caretakers. Their product range, specifically designed to cater to the diverse dietary needs of various parrot species, ensures that these beloved pets enjoy a balanced and nutritious diet, reflecting Askio Nature’s broader dedication to pet wellness.

Askio Nature Parrot Food Range

Our Askio Nature Parrot Food product line offers a wide variety of diets. Each diet is specially crafted for different parrot species and sizes. This range includes options for playful Budgies, vibrant Lorikeets, and charming Parakeets. It also caters to majestic species like African Greys, Cockatoos, Amazons, and Macaws. Our high-energy, extruded foods are expertly formulated to support the health and vitality of your parrots. Each of these products is tailored to meet the specific dietary requirements of parrots at different life stages and activity levels.

  • Askio Nature Energy Complete Parrot Food: This is a high-energy, protein-rich food ideal for active parrots. The formula includes essential vitamins and non-GMO ingredients, focusing on digestive health and providing a steady energy supply.
  • Askio Nature Natural Blend Complete Parrot Food: This blend is crafted in Europe and is available in formulations for both small and large parrots. It emphasizes nutritional needs according to bird size activity levels.
  • Askio Nature Protein Complete Parrot Food: Formulated for muscle health and vitality, this low-fat recipe is perfect for maintaining optimal weight and health. It’s made from high-quality ingredients and is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Askio Nature Natural Lory Nectar Parrot Food Blend: Parrot food blend for lorries that will enhance your feathered friends’ diet with the goodness of nature.
  • Askio Nature Fruit & Vegetable Blend Complete Parrot Food: This blend is full of different fruits and vegetables, providing varied nutrition. It’s also available in variants for both small and large birds.
  • Askio Nature Natural Breeding Formula Blend: Breeding 1 Formula offers your parrots a scientifically formulated, nutritionally complete, and balanced parrot diet that caters specifically to the demands of the breeding periods.
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Why Askio Nature Parrot Food?

Why Choose Askio Nature Parrot Food?

Choosing Askio Nature for your parrot’s diet offers many benefits. These advantages stem largely from the high quality of ingredients used. Additionally, there is significant care in the formulation of their products. Here’s a detailed look at why Askio Nature stands out:

  1. Natural and Non-GMO Ingredients: Askio Nature’s commitment to using non-GMO ingredients is a significant advantage. Many pet owners are concerned about GMOs in pet foods due to potential health risks and environmental impacts. By choosing Askio Nature, you provide a more true-to-life diet for your parrot, closer to what they would consume in the wild.
  2. Human-Grage Ingredients: Askio Nature manufactures its parrot food with human-grade ingredients, demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality. These ingredients meet higher standards than those in regular pet food, ensuring they are free from harmful contaminants. Also, using human-grade components indicates that Askio Nature’s parrot food aligns more closely with parrots’ natural dietary needs, which may lead to improved digestion and nutrient absorption.
  3. Nutrient-rich Formulations: These foods are formulated with a blend of cereal seeds, oilseeds, and leguminous seeds. Nonetheless, these ingredients have high nutritional content. Cereal seeds are crucial for providing essential carbohydrates and fibres in a bird’s diet. Also, oilseeds are rich in healthy fats and omega fatty acids, while legumes offer a valuable source of plant-based protein. This combination ensures a balanced diet, supporting overall health and vitality.
  4. No Additives or Artificial Colorings: The absence of additives, preservatives, and artificial colourings in Askio Nature products is essential for your bird’s health. Artificial additives can cause health issues in birds, including allergic reactions and digestive problems.
  5. Focus on Digestive Health: The inclusion of ingredients like dried brewer’s yeast, inulin, cassava, and rosemary in their foods supports digestive health. These components aid in maintaining a healthy gut flora, which is essential for nutrient absorption and overall health. A healthy digestive system is crucial for parrots, as it impacts their energy levels, feather quality, and immune system.
  6. Enriched with Vitamins and Minerals: Each Askio Nature product comes fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. This ensures that parrots receive all the necessary nutrients in their diet. This is particularly important because seeds alone do not always fulfil the specific nutritional requirements of birds.
  7. Tailored for Different Neeeds of Species: Askio Nature offers a range of products tailored to the specific needs of various parrot species and life stages. This means that whether you have a young, active parrot or an older bird, you can find a suitable product that caters to their unique dietary requirements.
  8. Quality Assurance: Produced in Europe, Askio Nature’s products adhere to stringent quality standards. This ensures that every batch of food maintains a high level of quality and consistency.
  9. Positive Impact on Health and Vitality: Regular consumption of Askio Nature’s foods can lead to observable improvements in a parrot’s health and vitality. This includes better feather quality, higher energy levels, and overall happier and more active behaviour.

Askio Nature focuses on natural ingredients. Furthermore, this emphasis and its comprehensive nutritional content set it apart. The brand avoids harmful additives. This makes it an excellent choice for health-conscious parrot owners. By choosing Askio Nature, you do more than just feed your parrot. You ensure they receive a balanced diet, that specifically caters to their unique needs.


Askio Nature is more than a parrot food brand. It represents a commitment to the health and happiness of parrots. The brand offers a diverse product range. This range meets the specific needs of various parrot species and sizes. It ensures each bird receives a balanced diet enriched with essential nutrients. Choosing Askio Nature means more than just feeding your parrots. It means you’re investing in their overall health and vitality. The brand is a beacon of quality and care in avian nutrition. So, it’s the preferred choice for discerning parrot owners who want the best for their feathered companions.

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