Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre

Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre has firmly established itself within the local community, providing exceptional care to thousands of pets annually. This blog post by Parrot Essentials aims to give a detailed overview of the practice, highlighting its commitment to offering quality care and treatment in a welcoming, family-like atmosphere.

About Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre

About Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre

The professional team at the centre is dedicated to providing quality care and treatment for pets in a friendly and caring environment. They acknowledge pets as integral members of the family and ensure that each animal receives the best possible care. The staff at the centre treat each pet with the same level of care and attention they would give to their own, showing their deep commitment to their work.

Visitors to the facility are welcome to take a tour, which will be led by team members, including Sandi and Sam. The practice places a high value on client feedback and is open to suggestions regarding their services or website. They are always seeking to improve and adapt to meet their clients’ needs.

While the centre offers a full range of veterinary services, they specialise in caring for exotic pets such as parrots and ferrets. This specialisation highlights the practice’s commitment to catering to the diverse needs of the pet community.

Diagnostic services at Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre

Offering a wide array of services, Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre ensures comprehensive care for pets:

  • Health Checks: Regular health examinations are crucial in maintaining your pet’s health and early detection of potential issues.
  • In-House Laboratory: The centre’s lab allows for quick and accurate diagnostics, which is essential for effective treatment planning.
  • Exotic Pets Care: With a specialisation in parrots and ferrets, the centre offers expert care for exotic pets, a unique service not found in all veterinary practices.
  • Radiology and Ultrasound: These advanced imaging techniques are crucial for diagnosing various conditions accurately.
  • Breeding Services: The centre provides support and advice for pet breeding, ensuring the health and well-being of both parents and offspring.
  • Haematology and Biochemistry: Comprehensive blood tests help in diagnosing a wide range of health conditions.
  • Ageing Pets Care: Older pets have special needs, and the centre provides tailored care to ensure their comfort and health.
  • Inoculations: Keeping your pet vaccinated is vital in preventing various diseases.
  • Dietary Advice: Proper nutrition is key to a pet’s health, and the centre offers guidance to ensure proper care for your pet’s dietary needs.
  • Cardiology: Specialized care for pets with heart conditions.
  • Micro Chipping and Pet Passports: Essential for pet identification and international travel.
  • Full Operating Facilities: The centre is well-equipped for various surgical procedures.
  • Referrals: The centre can refer to the appropriate experts when specialised care is needed.

The centre’s approach to pet care is personal and caring, with facilities that include convenient on-court parking, making visits easy and stress-free for pet owners. For treatment or advice regarding your pet, the centre encourages pet owners to get in touch.


Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre is more than just a typical veterinary practice. It’s a community where every pet receives the highest level of care and respect. From routine checkups to specialised treatment for exotic animals such as parrots and ferrets, Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre is well-equipped to take care of all your pet’s health needs. They are a reliable partner in your pet’s journey towards optimal health.

Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre - Avian Vet

Arnold & Carlton Veterinary Centre
331 Westdale Lane
T: 0115 9403400

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