Should I Buy A Parrot?

If you’re thinking of getting a bird and stocking up on acrylic parrot toys, it’s always best to do some research before you invest so you know what you’re getting yourself into and whether you’ll be able to take care of the bird properly.

Parrots do make wonderful pets but you need to be prepared, not least because big birds can live for at least 50 years – so make sure you’re ready to take on such a big commitment. It’s possible as well that your bird could outlive you, so you’ll also need to make preparations for your pet if the worst does happen. You need to know they’ll be well taken care of after you’ve gone.

With regards to day-to-day care, you will obviously need to provide them with fresh food and water daily and also clean their bird cages out regularly. Parrots tend to be very clean birds so they’ll look after their own personal hygiene, although they’re not averse to taking a shower every now and again.

Remember that they’re very sociable creatures and will not enjoy being left in a cage for hours on end. But don’t worry – they’ll let you know that they’re not happy by squawking loudly. They also squawk for about half an hour each day so be ready for this as well – it’s perfectly normal but you may want to leave the room while it’s going on as it can be very loud and disruptive.

Because parrots are so clever, they need constant mental stimulation so make sure you’re ready to give them this. If you’re not, a parrot may not be the best pet for you after all.

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