How to choose the right parrot cage

How to choose the right parrot cage?

How to choose the right parrot cageOne of the basics of dedicated and caring bird ownership is providing your parrot with an adequate living space.

With all the different sizes, colours, and models of bird cages available today, it is very easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for a home for pet parrots and birds. Although it seems there are endless choices when it comes to the types of bird cages available, there are a few simple guidelines you can remember that will make the process of choosing one much easier.





Choosing the right location for your parrot cageLocation and Placement
The first of these guidelines is to decide where your bird’s cage will be located, and then shop based on what will work within the area you have set aside. The area should be away from direct sunlight and drafts, yet be placed in an active part of your home to encourage your pet’s social development. Parrots live in flocks and love to be part of the daily family routine.





Choosing the Right Size
Next, of course, is to keep the size of your bird in mind. While it is perfectly fine to keep a Finch or Canary in a small space, larger birds do require larger cages, and it is always better to buy as large a cage as you possibly can for your bird. Keeping a bird in a cage that is too small can lead to undesirable behaviors such as screaming, biting, psychological disorders, and feather plucking, to name a few. A good cage should be large enough for your bird to walk around comfortably, and fully extend and flap his or her wings. Don’t forget to take into account the space that will be lost when you add your bird’s perches, food bowls, and toys! Feel free to consult us for recommended cage sizes for your particular species of parrot or visit our parrot species  page.


Bar Spacing for Parrot & Bird cagesBar Spacing
When selecting a cage, pay particular attention to the spacing of the bars. Smaller birds, such as parakeets and lovebirds, require cages with bars no more than a half inch apart, to prevent them from squeezing through or becoming stuck between the bars. Many bird owners have been surprised to find that their pets are little escape artists! Those who own larger birds should look for bars that are placed horizontally rather than vertically in order to provide your bird a means of climbing and some exercise.


Open Top Parrot CageShape and Style
The style of the cage is also an important factor. According to some vets, round cages have been found to be detrimental to the birds’ psychological health. Therefore angled cages are far preferable. The larger parrot cages always come with some type of a stand and in most cases do have wheels for easy manoeuvrability. You can choose from open top, solid top and play top parrot cages for the larger parrots and many different style of cages for the smaller parrot species.


Quality and Craftsmanship
Assess the overall quality of a bird cage before you buy it. Does the cage appear sturdy and solid? Are there any loose parts or sharp edges? The best cages are made of stainless steel, which is non-toxic, easy to clean, and will not chip. The primary function of a bird’s cage is to protect your pet – make sure that your bird’s home does not pose any hazards to his or her health and well-being.
A properly designed bird cage will give your bird – and you – many years of use and enjoyment. You should remember that your bird will spend a great deal of time in his or her cage, and much like us, will appreciate some decorations to look at! Fill your bird’s cage with colourful toys, perches, and accessories to ensure that he or she is well entertained. With a little planning and careful decision making as well as free advice from the team at Parrot Essentials, you should be able to choose a cage that will meet all your expectations while providing your bird with a safe, sturdy, and secure living space.
All cages sold at Parrot Essentials are made of non-toxic materials. We do sell a wide variety of parrot toys as well – all made of non toxic material.

World Parrot Trust-Endorsed 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages

Liberta UK

Parrot Essentials Offers New, World Parrot Trust-Endorsed 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages

Top quality parrot products supplier lets parrot owners take advantage of all new, quality cages

World Parrot Trust endorses Liberta CagesIsleworth, United Kingdom: February 20, 2015 – Parrot Essentials, a high-quality parrot products and service provider, has announced that it would be including among its excellent offerings the ultra-durable 2nd edition Liberta Parrot Cage line. This promising new product line is from a highly reputable brand, which now holds the honor of being endorsed by the World Parrot Trust, a feat achieved for the very first time.

Parrot Essentials is more than excited to be offering this great new product on our online store,” says the director of Parrot Essentials, Anguel Iordanov. “We are always on the lookout for the best products in the market for parrots that owners will absolutely love. The 2nd Edition Parrot Cages from Liberta are definitely product line that parrot lovers will surely want for their pet. It has amazing and resilient features that will protect parrots while giving them an ample amount of comfort and security.”

Liberta Cages CertificateParrot Essentials is more than just a parrot products supplier. The company prides itself on being as equally passionate about everything that sees to the well-being of parrots as the owners themselves. Through this dedication, Parrot Essentials has risen to become a highly respected and trusted supplier that parrot owners have come to regard as their go-to provider for everything for their pet. The company’s line offers a wide range of quality parrot products, from toys to cages, and also features a unique parrot hotel for when owners need someone to watch after their pet while they attend to some emergency or vacation.

Turret Parrot StandEach product from Liberta’s latest parrot cage range comes with such valuable features as larger, stronger door locks, thicker frame and bars, higher quality, non –toxic paint finishes and a new, improved packaging to ensure safe delivery. With each 2nd edition Liberta parrot cage also comes a basic tool kit for self-assembly, a booklet with easy-to-follow instructions, three free Liberta toys, a Liberta certificate of authenticity, 6 months free membership to the World Parrot Trust, and a recommendation and endorsement from the World Parrot Trust.

Liberta reports that provided the shipping schedule keeps on track, all 2nd edition parrot cages will be available from last week in February.

To learn more about the 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages, their features and availability, release of new products or for any inquiry, contact at 0800 327 7511 or email at Visit the website at or connect with Parrot Essentials on Facebook at

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