How to Get Your Parrot to Play with Toys


In this blog post Barbara Heidenreich talks about How to Get Your Parrot to Play with Toys and the different techniques you can use to encourage the acceptance of new toys in the cage or playstand. How to Get Your Parrot to Play with Toys I have been inspired by a question posted to my

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Simple Tips for Parrot Safety During Fireworks

parrot safety during fireworks

Our simple tips for parrot safety during fireworks. Fireworks can present a challenge for pet owners, with them desperately trying to calm and sooth their beloved birds by offering them favourite toys or treats as fireworks thunder in the sky. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on keeping your parrot safe and relaxed this November.  Put

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3 Top Parrot Care Tips

Congo African Grey Parrot

If you’re new to owning a parrot, you need to do your research so you know how best to care for your new pet. Here are three of our most essential tips for keeping your bird happy and well looked after. Parrot toys There are a huge number of toys available but some of the

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