Smart Parrots Use Touchscreen Technology

Smart Parrots - Eclectus Parrot Male _ Eric Kilby _ Flickr

Smart Parrots – Can Parrots Really Use Technology? Yes, it’s true! Birds have been exploring and learning ways to play with touchscreen technology as part of an international research study. This study focuses on examining whether the ways in which animals, especially smart parrots, respond to new things influences how eager they are to explore.

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Parrot Shows & Events in the UK during 2018

Parrot Shows and Events in 2018

UK Parrot Shows & Events Parrot Shows & Events Diary: Parrot Essentials strives to provide you with all things Parrot. Along with our products and numerous brand selections, we love to share any and all Parrot shows happening in the UK in 2018. Here are a few of the biggest events in order by date:

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Parrot Picture Competition

Competition Winners Thank you to everyone who took part in our September Parrot Picture Competition. Parrot Picture Competition Entries The Parrot Picture Competition is now Closed. Thank very much to everyone who took part in our Competition. Below is a slideshow of all the Parrots who were brave enough to submit their pictures. We have

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