Sprouting seeds for parrots | In 4 steps

How to sprout seeds for your parrot

Here on the blog, we’ve talked before about the problems associated with a feeding your parrot a seed-heavy diet. We’re proponents of feeding pellets, which are less fatty and more suitable for domestic parrots. This being said: we also think seeds have their place. Especially sprouted ones! Let’s go into sprouting seeds for parrots and

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7 toxic parrot foods you should avoid

Toxic parrot food

It can be tempting to share human foods with your parrot and it’s important to keep their diet varied. But did you know there are some toxic parrot foods out there that you should avoid? Let’s go into 7 toxic parrot foods that you should never feed, as well as 5 more that you might

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Parrot Diet: Converting Your Bird to Parrot Pellets

Converting Parrot to Complete Parrot Food

It’s a much-debated subject among parrot enthusiasts: should parrot diet consist of seeds or pellets? Seeds are the classic choice but research suggests that parrot pellets are the superior staple option. Let’s go into why you should switch your parrot to a pelleted diet and, more importantly, how to do so. Why should your bird

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